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Why donate?

Plugins and themes don't develop themselves, people do. All my projects are released under a GPL license available absolutely free of charge and design, development and maintenance is a time consuming process.  All plugins are thoroughly tested with the latest WordPress version to ensure seamless integration into your blog with regular upgrades at regular intervals.


You can send me your donations safely and securely via PayPal or Instamojo.

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What do you get?

Donations of $100 and above will be labeled as Top Donors on the Donations Received page. All Top Donors will have a link back to their website. The satisfaction that you're sustaining the development of the plugins you use.

Is it compulsory to donate?

No. Donations are in no way mandatory; nor will they ever be. After all, they are donations! They are just a means of saying thank you for my work. They are great motivation to continue any development. If you can't donate, no problems. Do leave me a thank you note.

Thank you.

Linesh Jose