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You've never seen a car do this.. - LineshJose.com
You’ve never seen a car do this..

You’ve never seen a car do this..

It works! These omnidirectional wheels let you drive your car sideways. The latest video to inspire this omnidirectional dreaming comes from William Liddiard, a Canadian inventor who’s come up with his own take on a classic design. You can see the so-called Liddiard Wheels in action below, fitted to what appears to be a Toyota Echo.

Unlike other Omni-capable wheels, his wheels do not require the vehicle to be built around them. This is the world’s first bolt-on application for anything with wheels. Designed to be used in all weather and road conditions. They are stronger, faster, and more accurately controlled than the prior art. They can take a beating.

The tires can have the same build characteristics (siping, grooves, rubber compounds, etc.) as regular tires. Now you can drive in all directions, and turn on the spot when needed. These are proof of concept prototypes to show that they work. Finished wheels will be refined to target application requirements.