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Land Rover towing a freakin' train over a bridge. - LineshJose.com
Land Rover towing a freakin’ train over a bridge.

Land Rover towing a freakin’ train over a bridge.

A Land Rover Discovery Sport SUV towed a 100-tonne train which is approximately the same weight a Boeing 757 on the ‪Hemishofen Bridge in ‪‎Switzerland on June 16, 2016. The exercise was filmed 85 ft above River Rhine in Switzerland, on the Hemishofen Bridge, with a car weighing about 2.5 tonnes itself.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport is equipped with semi-autonomous driving technology as well as a 177 hp Ingenium diesel engine. According to a press release, no alterations to the drivetrain were made. The only alteration was the "fitment of rail wheels by specialists Aquarius Railroad Technologies, to act as ‘stabilizers‘", stated the press release. In addition, the Discovery Sport only used a 9-speed automatic gearbox and Terrain Response technology during the pull. No low-range gears were used. You can check out the intriguing footage in the video below:

The compact SUV pulled the train for a little over six miles across the Museumsbahn Stein am Rhein in Switzerland. The journey included a trek across the River Rhine on the Hemishofen bridge. Te bridge is 935 long and 85 feet above the ground. It is considered a historic bridge constructed completely of steel.

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