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Blue Admin 15.05 is out - LineshJose.com
Blue Admin 15.05 is out

Blue Admin 15.05 is out

It’s been long days since I’ve updated my plugins. Yeah, long  860 days. Last year, I told you that I would try to release new plugins and themes. But unfortunately, I’ve got caught in the middle of my full-time job and other personal issues.  I tried a lot to create new themes and plugins but I couldn’t finish.

Last week, I checked my plugin’s status and I find out that Blue Admin has downloaded more than 14000 times and 600+ active installs. 600+ active installs even though the plugin is outdated! Wow, that’s really great. That really gives me an inspiration. So I decided to release a new version and I didn’t give up this time.


Today I’ve proudly released an all-new version of my popular WordPress plugin Blue Admin 15.05. This version is not compatible with older versions of WordPress. You need at least WordPress 4.0 version to install Blue Admin. Download and install Blue Admin today. Once again thanks for your great support.